Sunday, February 7, 2016

Picture update of the trailer rebuild.

     The last  time I posted on the trailer I still had a few sheets of roofing to install. We got that done and the last 2 weeks we got  electrical wiring run  and it sheathed in . So it went from looking like this.

    To looking a lot better and ready for doors and windows .

  The gaps are for the door and windows. The bottom picture is from the drive way it has a large front yard.

 Here is what the back looked like at 10 this morning .

  This is what it ended up finished at 1.00 . We still need about 6 inches all around at the top then the corners and trim but it is now dried in  , roofed and wired.
    Next up will be the floor over laid with 3/4 tonged and groove OSB . Then the doors, windows and sheet rock walls.

     Unless something unexpected happens the whole job May come in Under budget . The wiring was a lot cheaper than I planned but I still have to hire a licensed electrician to do the breaker box (I may try) and hook to the pole.


  1. Are you doing all this by yourself or do you have help? Got a lot done in a short amount of time! Are you going to paint the outside or add siding to it?

    1. Mike my son has helped with the side's. The outside will be painted a light grey with darker trim its going to have vertical boards to look like batten board. If my daughter want to do vinyl or log siding later it will be easy.

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  3. That should look good when finished.
    Make sure your son does the bulk of the work otherwise work always cuts into beer time:-)