Monday, February 1, 2016

Busy weekend.

      Sorry I disappeared the last 4 days but while  the weather was nice I took advantage. Friday and Saturday  I did the BBQ and had a fair amount of sale's for the end of January . I finished up  early afternoon Saturday and went to Lowe's for the trailers electrical and the outside sheathing. Long story short is I got it wired and it all works. Today we started at 9 and got the front of it sheathed with OSB and the windows cut out. I had hoped to have more of it sheathed but it was a slow start till we got  it worked out. My son was played out when we got home, he is limping pretty bad. Guess tomorrow I will work alone on the end walls, when my son gets to this point it takes a couple of days for him to recoup.  We are not use to 4 days straight of hard work . I would take tomorrow off but  I have other business to take care of Wednesday and Thursday so I will rest then, sort of. If the rain holds off till tomorrow late afternoon I will have some pictures of the place, this has made a big change.


  1. I've been getting as much done up here as I could outside while the weather stays nice. We are already getting more rain here this morning.

    1. Over here the wind has been 20 with gusts up to 50. I think it will miss you its headed north north east.