Tuesday, February 23, 2016

OPSEC slip by a friend is safe with me.

   Let me preface this "it wasn't Me"! This weekend I was talking to a kid I know (ok he is 33 now and owns his own business but I knew him since 16 when he was a shithead) about hauling that trailer to the scrap yard, he has a wrecker service.  He said no problem and asked where is it I told him off so and so, down a dirt road about 1/2 mile . At that he said on the right in the curve above the creek? YEA I just bought the 2 acres on the right how the hell do you know about it. He  asked if I had been past the gate  "no" he went on that so and so and state senator ____ had a member only hunting club out in the woods he and his partner were members.

    Now this is an innocent conversation by its self BUT I have known him and his business partner for years . Both are of a prepper mindset . My friend told me last year if thing go bad he was going to hit the woods he had bunkhouse a pond , good hunting and friends to ride it out with.

    Neither statement would have compromised OPSEC but by making them to one person months/years apart it told me to much. Not that I will ever mention or give them away. I never said what I had bought the 2 acres for . I already suspected a compound was beyond that gate . Now I know members include LEOs, business owners , rednecks and former military.  It seems if I make this place my BOL I will be the  "GATEKEEPER" for a large well financed MAG . I have mixed feeling on the place now . If I proceed it will be independent of the group but I would be open to a radio link if  needed.

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