Thursday, February 25, 2016

Good For You, Donal Trump Calls For Audit The Fed

    I am not one to discuss politics but this caught my attention .   

      It is worth a read regardless of who your leaning towards.

   A few weeks back I wrote I would NOT vote for R. Richard Shelby  a 6th term in the senate. But with a supreme court nomination pending and him chairman of the Senate judiciary committee  I have changed my mind.  Like the old saying "better the devil you know".


  1. I agree and have said this for years. The Fed Reserve is corrupt and run by the to big to fail criminal banksters. The Reserve needs to be audited and better yet, dismantled and destroyed because it doesn’t serve the tax payers only a handful of the super rich. They have put our country on the brink of financial collapse multiple times and this last time may well be the last time!

    1. I agree 100% ! I also would like to see an independent INVENTORY of FORT KNOX. Unfortunately its about as likely as finding the truth about Roswell, Harp, or who had JFK murdered.

  2. i am here to tell you, from two personal independent sources, that fort knox is empty and has been for decades.
    just don't know where the gold went or who ordered it taken.