Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Check is in the mail .

     Today I sent off the check for the 2 acre BOL parcel. Monday was a holiday and yesterday I got that wood but also went and walked the property before I sent the check off. It has been 2 months since I walked it and winter has killed a lot of the growth back. I like it even more than before it has more clearable area than I thought and the driveway isn't as bad. Plus it has been wet so I got to see where it has water problems. It has a lot of seep springs and a few runoff channels that need attention but nothing hard to fix .

   While I was their I checked the well it is a 4 inch well  with a shallow draw pump . I didn't open the top to see how deep the water is but I think its under 50 foot. I have no plans to use the well for my BOL  it is nice to have especially because its shallow and could refill the cisterns I plan on having.  I am looking forward to this place next summer after my other projects are ended.
  This is my place  and will be built and stocked how I think  is needed as a sustainable BOL. It will be solar powered with dry toilet, lots of perennial plantings, wood heat, root cellar, raincachment, and solar hot water. My wife may love it or hate it but I want to try and combine 1800 homesteading with modern green technology. In a secluded location at low cost with a minimum amount of consumable input's needed . It is not going to be where live but it will be a place I get away and spend time . I want to develop it in a way where if I had to survive all it would take is chickens, rabbits and garden . I did find out from the neighbor that wild hogs are becoming a problem. :) 


  1. can you bar b que wild boars or are they too gamey?

    1. LOL. yes there is a gammieness but it is to lean compared to farm raised.