Sunday, February 21, 2016

I got repaid :) .

   Awhile back I had wrote about our granddaughter, her trailer and loan problems. Well she got her taxes back and made a bee line here and paid me for her camper/home. She also paid her Title loan off and deposited a thousand in a C D in case she needs a self funded loan during the year . I am proud of her she got back more than she expected and has used it wisely. She is debt free with  money in the bank a place to live and her trailblazer is getting tuned and aligned. Now if she can find a boyfriend that WORKS she will be on the right road.


  1. thank God someone inherited your uncommon sense!
    you are her hero.

    1. Deb I think she is tired of being broke and behind. She has seen what me and the wife do with a small and erratic income so she knows it can be done. I think I have been the only dependable male influence in her life.

  2. gary,
    if she has had her eyes opened this far, maybe now she will be able to see the masculine sex more clearly and be able to do a good job of finding a decent husband.
    people are like other crops, it takes time to mature them.