Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A visit to the sporting goods store.

   Today I played hooky and me and the wife went to lunch , Wal mart and Academy Sports. We are going camping next week so we got a few items for the camper. The main reason we went shopping was our coffee pot went out at the house. We made cowboy coffee this morning  MUST HAVE COFFEE , yes its that important.
   Ok we got our new coffee pot but while at Wal-Mart we went to the camping section . They had a Mr. buddy heater marked down to 30$  It was this one 

 not a bad deal for my little camper . I did notice they had marked down a lot of the camping items and was adding a lot of new stuff for the spring.  It may be worth a trip to your local store to check out the markdowns that are camping survival related.

  After Wal-Mart we went to Academy , I have had a 50$ gift card the kids gave me Christmas 2014 . We looked at a lot of stuff but all I bought was 200 CCI   22lr. They had a lot of ammo on the shelves I should have got more but I haven't inventoried what I have or need more of. Now while ammo is available you mite want to budget for some . It looks like the republicans are determined to put The female Anti Christ in the white house . If that happens it will make ammo as rare as an honest politician.

    We did stop at The Dollar Tree before lunch. Now may be I have never noticed but I saw something I have never heard of in the canned meat , CANNED BOLONEY ! Has anyone ever seen or tried it? I regret not grabbing a can once I got home. I think  I will grab a can next trip just to try . I also noticed they had 16 oz. cans of mackerel jack for a 1$ cheap protein been years since I had any.


  1. "The female Anti Christ" Good one Gary!

    I heard the pilots of Air Force One and Marine One, are ready to rename them "Broom Stick One"!

    1. I wish the American people would relies where she plans on shoving that stick cause it will be UP OUR A%$&. She is the embodiment of all I fear.

  2. Replies
    1. It took a week but it is almost gone. I almost went but it broke up and I coughed it out.