Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Back from Camping.

      Got home Monday afternoon we had a nice time at the lake. We had planed on it being a week of us time but it turned into us and everyone time :(. One of the drawbacks to camping close to home is  anyone can come join. We had the wife's sister and our grandson come stay .  I came home and BBQ'ed Friday and Saturday . I had a lot of pre orders to fill and was swamped and sold out in 2 hours of what wasn't reserved. When I got back to the lake my wife was suffering a bout of gout in her foot and was in terrible pain. This was the first time she has ever had gout , I told her it was the illness of  KINGs so she may be the princess like she thinks she is :). Today it is a lot better but she will milk it for a few more days of pampering , I don't mind .

    While we were camped she spent WAY to much time reading FACEBOOK like it was 100% fact. Normally this drives me Nuts but she said "with the elections and terrorist bombing possible you need to stock up because if any thing large happens here people will act like idiots". Now she knows I have some stuff in the basement but she has never shown any interest in it. I have to admit that with the property purchases, winter and my son back here my 90 day pantry is almost gone. She said she wants me to build it back up just in case.

    To be honest over the winter we always run through most of our 90 day pantry, it is when my income falls and I use it as a savings account . This year I drew it down a bit faster but with the instability in the country and the media hype of events and more possible I made a mistake.

   In the past come spring I have focused on returning cash on hand to a certain level plus some before I restocked the pantry. This year I think pantry needs to be first priority even if I have to drop cash on hand a bit to do it. I even think I may increase the long term bulk by a few hundred pounds to. While Facebook has more lies than a car sales man it is a good indicator of peoples emotions and thinking.


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