Monday, March 14, 2016

Back to work . Plugging away.

     Still feel like I have something wrong in my lungs. The cough is fading but I have a sore spot when I breath . I plan on keeping an eye on it for this week but it time to work. For the last week I have took it easy to get over this Crud but I did get the front door on the trailer and the upper boards in place.

 Not finished yet but closer, still have the trim and one more window to do. Last week we got the inside floor done.

 Today I went and spent a few hours putting up some insulation and will finish it tomorrow . Then it will be sheet rock time Yea fun :( .

 It has been a slow process on this place the sheetrock is the last big ticket item to get done. The finish work will take me some time and be one area I  may hire  help . After the sheet rock I will be into this rebuild for 1900$ I hope 1100$ more will be enough to complete this project.

  It's getting there !


  1. please go to the doctor, right away.
    hope he orders a chest xray. go soon.

  2. It has eased up. I was concerned if it got worse the wife said I was going. I am old school, doctors are only needed to certify I am ready for embalming.