Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trump is brilliant as a target.

 The leaders in Washington both republican and democratic are going  after Donald Trump with both barrels over the next month. They want to force a free for all at the national convention and may even get Romney to enter the race. THEY DONT GET IT. They think politics as usual is still in play. What the establishment and bureaucrats cant comprehend is Trump supporters aren't voting for Trump . They are voting against all Washington insiders. I suspect the attacks to backfire. The harder they press him the larger his anti establishment  support will become.

Both party's fear the people have an outsider!
Now people change, we get better at hiding true self.
    I look for Trump to take a few hits but once it starts he will strike back and be the outsider alternative.


  1. Trump has the establishment in a panic and scared to death because he will destroy their personal cash cow that they rape everyday (us). Most all of them will be out of a job or what I fear most Trump will end up like JFK when he got to close the pulling the plug on the establishment.

    1. You may be right. I don't see them being able to spin his assassination enough to fool the public. Their ship is sunk will they join him in on a party boat or drown ?