Saturday, March 5, 2016

A you-tube vid .

      With immigration and the 2nd amendment on people's minds during this election year this is worth a look.

    This man never raised his voice , his words carried the message on their own.

  Something to think about, we require a citizens test before we grant naturalization to  any immigrant . Which I agree with !
 We allow anyone to run for  Senator , Congressman, or President with little more than a drivers license stating address and age. I wonder if they could pass a   CITIZEN'S TEST.

when I hit you tube I surf   I started here  then I skipped and jumped around you tube till the above . So it's Mikey's fault not mine!!!


  1. great video.
    if only all americans had such an excellent grasp of english as this man, who is not a native english speaker.
    and as great a grasp of the Constitution!

  2. Go see today's video it a good one.

    1. I did, the media can see what is coming why cant MITT and the rest of the party?