Monday, November 11, 2013

To all vetrans and active duty.

      Today is veteran's day and to all military past and present i wish to say THANK YOU.If at anytime you read on this blog something that is negative about our country's present or resent past military actions it in no way is meant as a slur against our soldiers.I have a great respect our service men and women.All have made sacrifices for the American people and our freedom.At this point in this post it is hard to put down how much we the people owe to our service men but 1 day a year is not even close.

      One thing that grips me is when politions wrap themselves in the flag and talk about our servicemen for political gains.Our military has served without question when deployed.Most of our elected leaders are gutless worms that despise and even fear the men that have sworn an oath to this nation.Personally i think it should be a requirement that a president and congress members have served.If a man isn't willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country by what right should he lead it ? I don't mean to imply that we need a military government but we do need men that believe in founding principles and our Constitution to pledge there life to defending it.This is something veterans pledged to do in the service, and almost all would uphold as  civilians till death.

      We have 1 day to honor our living Veterans and 1 day to honor the fallen.I don't seem right.

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