Friday, November 22, 2013

Will i brave my first black friday in 15 years?

      This time of year the sale papers begin to fill the mail box.Normally i trash them before the wife gets to them so i don't have to hear,honey look at this every 5 minutes(you guys have been their too).During the holidays i do bring the ad papers in(out of fear) and suffer Thu having to see what caught her interest.This year i am taking her back to Disney world for a week of camping and 4 days in the parks(last trip was cut short because i had a septic spider bite and had to go to the hospital).
     Today we got the Bass Pro Shop ad ! Now i really don't ever sit down and look at ads but today I did.Black Friday they have 500 round bricks of 22 ammo for 25$ and ammo boxes(50 cal.) for 10$. I have been wanting both these items for a while and haven't found many and the price has been WAY to high.The ad is from 5 am till 11 am on black Friday. I think i may brave it.The last time i went to a store on black Friday i saw what the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE will look like.It was the only time i have wondered if it was survivable.
      A lot of preppers write/talk about how they can survive in a collapse. The closest thing i have seen to an economic panic collapse is the Black Friday sales.As a man i cringe at the thought of  being out on Black Friday.So if i do i choose to think of it as a study of TEOTWAWKI.


  1. How'd your Black Friday expedition turn out?

    Me & the wife took a run at our local WalMart's Black Friday. It was sure-nuff jiggy. We picked up a couple $29 smart phones for the Christmas stockings - saved $140.


  2. I didnt go my sister in law called and said was a line waiting across the parking lot.she skiprd the bass pro shop and went othe places.