Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My labor day is next weekend.

      While everyone enjoyed a 3 day weekend and ate good played hard . I was tending my BBQ grill . Now I am not complaining I choose BBQ as my job it allows me a lot of free time. The only draw back is my busiest days are holidays. I don't get to go to the kids and spend fun time holiday activity's with them. This past weekend was no different but my wife didn't go to her kids like normal she loafed at home. So to make it up to her next week will be spent back at the coast.

     This trip will be in the squatty trailer pulled with her mitizibishe convertible . It will be the first long trip we take this set up and I am kind of looking forward to seeing how it works out. My wife refused to go out west but now is regretting not agreeing to the trip. A friend went on a similar trip last month and raved about how beautiful and fun it was so now the wife wants to go.

   Its not a bad setup it has 12 volt lights 110 air and plugs, a 1500 watt inverter, all it lacks is a bathroom. It has a queen size bed :) a table or a regular bed if some one is with us. The awning slides into the pipes on the roof and the awning is just a cheap tarp and held with spring clamps. Plenty of inside storage and a 35 gallon tote on front . All in its still only about 1100 lbs

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