Thursday, September 24, 2015

Vending BBQ Kitchen is framed pics.

     I felt 80% today and did a little work . My wife allowed me to work  4 hours an hour at a time with breaks of at least an hour between. She says she is to lazy to break in a new man if I stroke out. SHE LOVES ME . Before I started I snapped pictures of what I did yesterday.
    This is what it looked like yesterday morning.

       By the end of the day we had it to this stage.

     Not bad for a days work but still a ways to go . With my wife watching the clock I was afraid it would take a while to finish the frame . Seem I work better with supervision because I got it to this point in 4 hours work and 8 hours of breaks.

   Got it framed and the serving windows in, the door will be in the back tail end of the trailer. I should be able to have it blacked in and the sheet metal on by Wednesday . Here is a picture of the metal .

   The piece on the tongue is oxidized on the other side like the one leaned against the side. I hope it will look good enough till I can get the log siding.

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