Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cooler weather means work.

     Today I got started back on the new vending trailer. The weather is perfect . Me and my son got the walls up and squared .Tomorrow we do the ridge line and start the sheathing of the outside. I had wanted to do it out of log siding but that is 800$  I cant spare it at this time. We are going to use salvaged tin that isn't rusted but oxidized for a patina on the exterior. It will be hung so I can remove it when I can afford the log siding. I didn't get to take pictures today but will in the morning and after its sheathed.
      I had planned on taking pictures but just before we quit I got light headed and the yard started spinning. I think my blood sugar dropped or my blood pressure spiked .That was the first time I have had that to happen. Normally I know but today it hit me quick. Will be fine for work in the morning if the wife don't bench me. She love's me in a strange sadistically way.

     I want to get this project done because I have a new one in the works. As I have wrote before my son has been looking for  tax property. The state sent us a price on a house that is 5 years past due. It is a 1200sq.foot house on 1/2 acre of land for 1,553$ . Crack heads have stole all the pluming and wiring. The kitchen floor is sagging and about 10 foot of outer wall is basically gone. I can do everything but the electrical for under 1,000$. Before it was abandoned it was valued at 28,000$ . The upside is to great to pass on. If it was sold I make 20,000 + or I have a 500 $ a month rental .My son cant afford this place and doesn't like the town its in but I can and do like it. This is why the log siding has been put off my security blanket of funds will be a sheet before I am done.

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