Thursday, September 3, 2015

Its almost festival and football season.

    Here in the south we enjoy our college football. It is a time when people make time to get together on weekends. Friends that may not see each other all year reconnect and catch up on each others lives. Friendly rivalry's add to the gatherings and fun most teams are acceptable( Tennessee and LSU excluded) even wives wear jerseys. Its all about friends family food and fun. How many of your friendships started over sports ?

    Even as football season starts so do festivals and city and community events. Every area has them and they are fun and can be a cheap way to have a fun family outing . I have even got some good deals at some that have vendors and craft areas. All my honey comes from a man that I met at one he is a local.

    Even if you cant afford to buy at a local festival it is a great place for a person that is prepared minded to attend . You have an opportunity to see and sample wares of people in your area. I have business cards for local seamstress ,honey, soap, jelly jam ,eggs and rabbits. I have made friends with a vegetable farmer and a wood worker . Now is the time to make friends of like minded folks that have skills you may not. If things were to fall apart you stand a better chance dealing with some one you know.

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