Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Back from the lake.

     Just got back in from the lake. I carried the wife up Wednesday morning and come back Friday for the BBQ. As I was gone Friday and Saturday night my wife had her sister ,daughter and a girl friend up while I was gone. I missed 4 man hating drunk women those nights . I went back up Sunday morning early with sausage biscuits for everyone and to appear sociable .Now I like all of them but I avoid middle age bitter women in groups with booze .

    When it was just me and the wife we enjoyed our alone time as it was cloudy and turned very cool. The leaves seemed to change and start falling in one night. We think winter will be a late but cold one. The deer looked fat and was at the camp site begging every day. I have to winterize the camper this week because I think this was its last trip till early spring. We plan on taking the squatty on a winter trip to Florida sometime in January .

 A point of interest  we Almost run out of propane this trip .  We have camped 2 years almost and around 80 days total with 30LB. of propane for hot water and cooking and a few days heat. This surprised me the last 2 trips I carried a spare tank . We used it as needed if we had to make it last it could have gone 10 more days easy.


  1. I missed 4 man hating drunk women those nights. LMAO!!! :-)

    1. You get a group of women together and drinking every slight any male has made will be talked about. I will pass.