Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sweat equity and reuse saves money.

     We have all heard recycling saves money and is good for the environment . That isn't why I built this trailer the way I did . I AM CHEAP not in a bad way but if I can make something work at a lower cost I will.  This build evolved from material from other projects that I have done and saved .
     The frame is from a camper I got 8 years ago for storage.

  It wasn't this nice but for 250$ it served for cheap storage.
Then I re roofed my shed/garage and saved the old tin.
   Last year I disassembled the storage camper and sold the aluminum for around 160$ . This freed up the new camper its parking place and left me with a flat frame for a new vending trailer.
    The weather got hot at this point so it was last week before I got back to work and framed it.

At this point I have spent 270$ Monday I will order the roof metal it should be about 90$.
It will be dried in for 360$ cost less the 160$ in scrap money.200$


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Deb it is coming along . Looking forward to doing the roof then the inside.

  2. The project is coming along great Gary!
    What's the plans for finishing the interior walls; stainless, tile, plastic??

    1. Mike I just got back from the steel company for the roofing. I have decided to do the interior walls and ceiling out of galv-alum sheeting looks like stainless at 1/4 the cost.