Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Racing sundown .

   This time of year the sun sets a little earlier every day.  I finished the roof before lunch . Glad to be done and off those ladders my ankles are killing me . The climbing turning and stretching to attach the metal took a toll on my legs and ankles . My son kept saying your getting old dad . His feet won't let him on a ladder for 10 minutes  I lasted 6 hour on the ladder yesterday and today.

    After the roof was done I took a break ,yea I'm old remember . Laid the floor in place and got it screwed in ,no more give ready for linoleum . Above the windows I cut and fitted  wood to cover the hole and paint it for a sign. Wanted to  post a few pictures but the sun won and was to far down. Will post them tomorrow .

   This project is going to be put on hold for a couple of weeks till I have more money. I had set aside 300$ for this building phase and I spent  336$ but I got the floor done which wasn't part of this push. I will piddle with running the electrical I have salvaged parts and wire on hand. Next push will be metal walls and Linoleum .

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