Monday, October 5, 2015

New roof and salvaged flooring.

     Today I went and got the metal roofing. We went into the office and a young lady asked what we needed ,I told her my order and asked when could I pick it up she said tomorrow, a man standing at the counter said pull out back he had what I ordered on the machine. I paid took my receipt and when I pulled out back he had already  formed and cut my 14 sheets.  He signed the ticket as filled, as I drove off I saw the name on the ticket was the one on the building. Nice to see an owner who runs his company from a production floor.

    In addition to the roof a buddy of mine told me he had 6 sheets of 3/4 inch plywood  and a dozen 1x6  boards for 50$ if I wanted them. The plywood was going to be 28$ a sheet so this saves another 120$. His new girl friend and him have been cleaning out her rental houses and storage buildings. It is amazing what people, myself included have stored that an be used or recycled . Will post some more pictures Wednesday after I finish the roof.


  1. Sounds like you scored big on the wood! Looking good!

    Got a few more strips to cut and fit on the front trim of my camper and need to find new (or used) tires and I'll be finished enough to head out. Will be setting up to vend at the Cherokee's of Alabama Powwow in Arab Oct. 16-18. Not sure how close that is to you but if you have time come on up! Small event but free admission and some good folks.

    Dave (also in Bama).

  2. Thanks Dave. I may make that pow wow on the 18th. Wal Mart has 15 inch Goodyear wrangler tires for 74.50 each right now. I put 2 new tires on my truck and used the pull offs for a trailer.

  3. Hope you can make it! Will be good to meet up!

    Problem I have with this camper is I built it on a homebuilt lawnmower trailer which has 13" tires. I may can slip 14's under it but most likely will have to lengthen the shackles if I do. The cheapest 13"s with a decent weight rating Wal Mart has are $75 + mounting and none of the stores around here stocks them. Gonna go tomorrow and see if I can scare up some used ones at a couple of the local tire shops.

    Made a score today myself. Eating at the Pell City Steakhouse and noticed some pallets of old carpet squares sitting outside our window. Asked Bruce (our waiter, we eat there regular) about them and he said the owner was slowly throwing them in the dumpster. I asked if I could come back and get them all and was told YES please! So finished the trip and dropped Cat off at her mom's then came back and loaded the truck. Ended up with over 1300 sq ft of industrial grade carpet 20" squares. Toyota Tacoma was DRAGGING coming the 35 miles home. The really worn out stuff I am using to carpet the muddy areas in the drive way and under the work tents in the yard. Better stuff is going in the workshop after I use a few pieces in the camper!

    Sorry to rattle on. Somewhat excited (and really exhausted).


    1. Good score on the carpet . 13" tires are hard to find used