Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Prepper Supply list ? Gold rush 1898

    Ok the new season of Gold Rush is on cable I like to watch it. Last week a comment on another blog had this list of food. It is what the Canadian government required a miner to have to enter the Yukon for one year. This is a minimum for a year expecting hunting and fishing to be added by the miner.
200 pounds of bacon  (for oil)
400 pounds of flour
85 pounds assorted dried fruit
50 pounds cornmeal
35 pounds rice
24 pounds coffee
5 pounds tea
100 pounds sugar
25 pounds fish
15 pounds soup vegetables
50 pounds oatmeal
50 pounds dried potatoes
50 pounds dried onions
25 cans butter
100 pounds beans
4 dozen tins condensed milk
15 pounds salt
1 pound pepper
8 pounds baking powder
2 pounds baking soda
1/2 pound mustard
3/4 pound ginger
36 pounds yeast cakes
(Yukon/Klondike gold rush stampeder’s supply list, 1898

  This list alone is over 1200 lb. So as you look over your own lists keep this one in mind. Me personally I know I don't have this many calories per person. The equipment list make interesting reading to. If your like me you will be in better shape on gear than these list .
  Jim Dankin  over at http://bisonprepper.blogspot.com/ always says most Prepper's are long on gear and guns but will starve when the MRE's run out. Here are a couple of links of complete lists.




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    1. Thanks Deb I thought it gave an insight into what it takes for survival by those that did it. These were men that knew how to survive and build what else they needed. Most today lack the knowledge and under estimate the supplies needed.

    2. copied the lists.
      you can tell by the gear list that they were going to build cabins when they got there.
      were so many oats to feed the horse or mule through the terrible winters?