Thursday, October 15, 2015

We Got the house !!

    Today in the mail we got a letter from the state our check for back taxes was accepted for this old house. It was owned by a mortgage company that wrote it off the books in 2010. The state was owed 5 years tax of 1553$. The property is over 1/2 acre with power, water, gas. It has  2 out buildings and the house is 1200 ft. Now the house is in verrrrrry bad shape. My wife says tear it down but I want to save it if possible .Next week I will spend most of it cutting into the kitchen floor . The floor in 2 rooms is rotten and sagging, the walls and other 4 rooms seem sound.

   Here are 2 pictures from google earth taken in 2008 when someone was living in it. 7 years vacant has took a toll  and crackheads had a field day striping the piping and wiring .

  It is possible to find cheap land held by the state the internet has links do your research!!!

      Looks like I will be a busy boy for a while . Will it be a rental or sold is still up in the air.


  1. Congratulations!

    You can buy Sawzall blades in bulk at Home Depot........
    Sounds like you are going to need a few.

    Still, the ground is worth way more than what you paid for the place so you ain't gonna get hurt on this deal.

    1. Thanks Phil, looks like me and home depot are going to be friends. My wife wants the house removed because the land is a12,000$ value. Repaired the place should go for 32 to 38 . That's a lot of traveling money.

  2. Good for you Gary,
    Without more detailed information right now I'd side with your wife and tear it down but saving the wood for a future 2-3 car garage.
    Then sell your current home and then buy a new doublewide for this new property!

    1. This was a for profit buy it will be sold or rented. I have been in my house 32 years I guess I die here :) to much crap to move !!!!