Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Prepparing the kids for ??

    The last few months this blog has focused on me buying property for past due taxes. When I say past due I mean minimum 4 years and abandoned. Some may feel this is not a Prepping subject but to me it is . Every parent feels a need to help their kids. This is my way to help mine. The Math is simple  if the kids rent or buy an average  place around here it would be 600 to 1000$ a month. For 30 years or 360 months. That's 216,000 $ to 360,000$ over 30 years. My plan is to get my 2 youngest into places for under 2000$ each in taxes plus repair cost ,now I know how it sounds, they will be  dumps but dry and livable ( barley). It will give them the chance to improve it out of pocket over time. 
     This is me providing a long term prepping item that has a saving value beyond my ability to give. My daughter is hopeless a far as being prepared for anything . Her idea of Teotwawki is her cell phone searching and the WiFi not allowing her to stream music.
  My Son he learned, he has buckets of flour, corn meal, beans and rice not for the end of the world but for when he is broke .

     Most people dream of their permanent home being paid off and being able to enjoy it mortgage free . For most this is a late in life event . Some may think I am giving them to much help but trust me these places are a starting point only. My hope is it gives them a head start on stability. If you have kids you know we all have to help them from time to time. I hope this will cut down on future aid and save me money in the long run.

       This has been a draft for awhile . Today I received the acceptance letter for the property I got for my daughter. January 2nd I hit it full force. This is the place that broke me to buy but as soon as its finished she can get a loan . When finished I will be out 7500$ and 6 weeks labor. She can get a loan for 10,000 $ and have a 5 year note of 195$ a month for 3 acres and a mobile home. She has a 780 + credit score. Daddy will be down to 2 nickel's by then.  


  1. God bless you.
    hope your kids grow into their new responsibility and become thankful.

  2. 780 is a fantastic credit score as the max is 850. Being a property owner just might get her close to 800 which is considered excellent by lenders. Great job!

    1. Her problem is income. It is to low as she has 2 part time jobs. Her payment will still be less than 12% of her gross and 16% of her bring home.