Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Good deals have bad timing.

      No I didn't get me anything. I got my step granddaughter a camper. She is a single mom and has been living with her mom for a year. Her mom lives in a house that her boyfriend owns and as always happens its been DRAMA every couple of weeks.
   Both daughter and Granddaughter want there own place and they bought an acre lot with utilities in place . It was a lease to own deal they made without talking to me or their mom. 2000 down and 100 a month  for 10 years. I think they over paid but they are happy.

    Our Daughter is looking for a used mobile home or large camper for her and her son (14yo). Dee the granddaughter wanted a camper for her and the great-grandson (3yo).  Last summer I told her she needed a camper so she would never be homeless and she has been saying My next home will have wheels.

     Christmas afternoon we had a flood around here and they spent the night . I got on Craig's list and was looking at campers. I know Dee was hoping to find her a camper when she got her income tax refund but prices on campers are high and go up at income tax time. So I asked Dee do you want a 5000 nice camper or would you be happy with a beat up one for 1500 to 2500 for a year or two then up grade.

     Dee told me she would have 1800 left after she paid off her CAR Title loan she took for the property down payment. So a beater was what she wanted. I told her I didn't know if that would get her one suited for a woman and child but I would try, well I found an 89 Layton 29 foot with rear bedroom and futon couch in living room . We went Saturday and saw it. For its age it was solid but nasty inside the guy that was selling was BAT SHIT CRAZY . We haggled a little and I said I had 1000$ cash and would take it home . He agreed to the price .

     Now Dee has a place to stay even if it is in her moms drive for now . I will haul it to their lot in a few weeks . She is going to repay me when her income tax comes in. This camper in this area would have been 2500 + in the spring if cleaned . So us spending 1000 now saved her 1500 later. When her income tax comes in me and her are going to the bank and set her on a 1 year course to be debt free and money in the bank. Title and payday loans are a sure way to never have anything.


  1. Well it sounds like they have a plan and it's coming together for them. I'm sure they're happy!

    1. Dee is, she told me tonight she was cleaning and trying to figure out how to cover that nasty couch. I was happy to help but ouch at the timing. If this keeps up my kids will have more saved than me. I just have to hang on till it comes back in.