Monday, December 7, 2015

Death in the family.

     Sorry I haven't been posting had my Mom visiting last week. My Mom came down and spent 4 days with us last week. Seems she has been a little depressed with the holidays and living so far from the grandkids. She is lonesome at home even though my brother lives' with her. He is about as interactive as a pet rock and his best friend is a mirror. A 49 year old Momma's boy .

   My uncle lived next door  and he has been in bad health for 15 years . My cousin has took care of him for the last 3 years but he passed last Thursday night. Mom had just returned home that morning so she was there with her brother for that I was thankful. The funeral was today and it was nice but the family is shrinking.

     My Mom is the last of her family alive and she commented we only number 9  total kids, grand's and nephew's . That's 3 full generations. The wife and I have decided that we will be going up and spend a night or 2 every month Mom may not be around  in 5 years . I  need to make time with her even if its 2 days of NCIS on the TV (she thinks Mark Harmon is 2nd only to Elvis in looks )


  1. My condolences.
    I know what you mean about a shrinking family.
    Not counting cousins I haven't seen in forty years and a niece and nephew, there is only me, my brother and one Uncle left from my Mothers side.

    By any and all means, spend as much time with your Mom as you can!

    1. Thanks Phil. We are going to be spending more time with Mom .