Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How not to lose weight..

       A lot of people try to lose their extra pounds using many different methods. I lost from 245 down to 184 by starvation.
Mine was due to the chemo and radiation treatment making it impossible for me to eat or drink food. Now I don't advise anyone to lose weight in this manor . As an avid reader of  apocalyptic fiction this was an eye opener to how starvation affect the body and mind.

     We all as preppers try to have food laid back so we wont starve. Take it from me STOCK MORE in different places!!!! Starvation is no fun . The first week it is all you think about . the second is just a acke in your belly . by the 3rd week that diminishes and you begin to get real weak in week 4. From then on your a walking zombie and have no strength to do anything.

    I went about 6 weeks without eating 5000 calories before I had to go on IV  TPN . I lost almost 60 lbs. in under 45 days. That's about a pound and 1/4 a day and I wasn't doing any work. Now the purpose of this post isn't about what I went through it is unless your sick plan to avoid starvation.

   Today I ate 4 spoons of mashed potatoes to most of you that is a nothing . To me  it is a milestone .  I haven't had any thing solid since the first of march.


  1. Hang in there Gary. It sounds like you are on the road to recovery.

  2. ferfal, at 'surviving argentina', asked his wife what she would do differently if they had to go through it again. she said, 'more food!'
    you have reinforced her hard won advice.

    Jesus loves you! glad you are eating again.

    mom broke her hip last week. i'll stay at home tonight for the first time in 10 days. pray for her when you get a chance. she's 92.

    deb h.