Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Kids and trucks don't mix

       I  have been slow posting lately but that doesn't mean life has been boring. I will be trying to catch up in the next few weeks. Since I got sick and have been sidelined a lot of stuff has gone unattended to. I was unable and the wife clueless on most of what needed to be done.

     One thing that has fallen into disrepair has been our vehicle's.  Not one but all of them need to have work done on them. Her car has a leaking valve cover gasket, drivable but leaking a quart every 2 weeks or so. My white truck has a rusted out freeze plug and runs hot after 5 miles so it is unusable. The black dodge had a leaking p/s hose that was spraying the exhaust and drops out of 4th
 back to 3rd gear at times.

    The dodge went to the shop first as it was the easiest and cheapest repair. I asked them to see about the air that didn't work to. Ok the next day it was fixed new hose and compressor clutch and Freon cost only 150$ . The mechanic had drove it and said the shift modules in the transmission needed to be replaced and would be 300$. Its a common problem in this model and I knew it but had to get my other truck fixed first. I had been babying it and would bring it back after the others were done. He gave me a price of 40$ on my wifes car +part and 100 to 150 on the freeze plug.

     Ok I  was lined up on getting our vehicles back in order. This week we were to go to the lake for a 4 day trip. Monday my daughter called and asked if she could borrow my truck I told her we were going to the lake . She had a coworker that was giving her a washer so she came by on lunch to get my truck. I was reluctant but told her to baby it and what to do if it revved up when it changed gears. An hour later she called crying . My truck was on the side off the road with a blown engine. It had downshifted on a hill instead of backing off the gas she had floored it so it would shift again . Yep it broke the crank and slung a piston oil was everywhere. Call a buddy to tow it (cost a gallon and half of shine)home. Called my mechanic he has a motor and will swap it for 1200$ and would have to be fill in work over 3 to 4 weeks.
Now I am without a working truck and a sick car.


  1. so glad to see you posting.
    we try to get one car up to snuff so it can run while the other goes to the car doctor.
    think the buick may have to be retired.

    1. Deb my wife wants to get rid of the white truck due to repairs. I was going to use the black dodge to replace it till my daughter blew it up.

  2. Damn dude, you just can't catch a break lately.
    I will say though that from the tone of your writing that you sound better.
    I sure hope that's the case.

    1. Phil I am fealing about 60% of my old self. While I have had some bad luck I feel lucky to still be around.

  3. Good to see you posting. Sorry to hear about your vehicle troubles. It does sound as though you have a mechanic that treats you $right$. Last time I took the daughters little Olds in for a new water-pump and transmission service the "mechanic" hit me with a $1400 bill; I ain't been back.

    What are you using to pull your travel-trailer?

    Anyway, I'm real glad to see that you are home and on the-mend.


  4. Moe I have nothing that will pull the travel trailer till the white one is fixed. It was stocked and ready Tuesday morning till the black truck blew.