Friday, June 16, 2017

If we can pull it .

     With my daughter blowing the engine in my dodge me and the wife have talked about getting a larger tow vehicle. We hope to one day upsize our camper to a larger slide out or fifth wheel with slides model . While the dodge if fixed would pull a decent size camper it has limits. The wife's son told us his boss is selling our sons old work truck. T.J. has drove it for 11 years but got a new one last month. It is a 2003 ford F350 with a power stroke 7.3 diesel.
 I called Ken T.J.s boss and asked what he was going to ask for it he said he would let me know, if the price is right I am interested . 2003 was the last year for the 7.3 and there is nothing with wheels it can't pull. If it comes in under 5 I want it this is what it looks like.

   The pipe racks don't come with it but the Reading tool bed does .


  1. i know nothing about vehicles but that looks like the type used by utility companies up here.

    1. Deb it is a plumbing truck . so your are right :)

  2. Gary,

    The fellow that sprays my house for bugs has one of those Ford 7.3 diesels; last time he was over he told me his had over 400,000 miles on it!


  3. Moe that is one reason I am willing to get it. They can last 500,000 + miles and get 18 miles to the gallon plus are capable of 20,000 lbs towing.