Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My little red teardrop got sold.

    The little red teardrop pulled out of the yard today for its last trip. The man that bought it knew it was to far gone to camp in but he wanted the trailer frame and the pattern. He had stopped last week and looked at it and got the price (250$). His plan is to disassemble it and rebuild it out of cedar planking . I showed him what I considered  my design flaw of the hatch. Plus drew out how to do chuck wagon doors.

 The wife and I both had mixed feeling about it being sold but I think this young man will use it as a guide and make one live on inspired by what we enjoyed.

    It gave us 4 good summers of camping but has spent the last 2 slowly falling apart in the yard. The roof had a small leak the hatch was broke and I had robbed the good tires off it for the BBQ smoker.  I had wanted to rebuild it but I have to much going on .

  I know his picture is 2 years old , I feel bad it was still there when we hooked it up :( .


  1. It's a good thing we live clear across the country from each other.
    I would have snatched that thing up for $250 so fast your head would have been spinning.
    Then my wife would have been mad at both of us.