Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sold and Sold

   Well  I sold the Blountsville property and my BOL. Both went to folks that have more use for them than I will in the near future.

    Our granddaughter bought my bug out property to put her camper on . Whether or not she will move and live there remains to be seen. I hope they will . She is getting married on the 25 th of this month. They are talking about how they are going to fix the property up . They pay 700$ a month in apartment rent which to me is unbelievable . The way I see it with the camper and the 10 x 20 shed properly placed and porched  so both are usable they could be living for basically free. There would be plenty of room to build a nice cabin as they could with the money saved. I cant  say if they will or wont but I can hope.

     On the 25th I will be catering the granddaughters wedding .
Its going to be a casual event at the lake . I doubt there will be a suit attending . Knowing both sides of their family's there will be a lot of drinking and country music. And yes it will be BBQ  Butts Ribs and chicken  baked beans, coleslaw and tater salad.


  1. Good you were able to keep it in the family. It's a nice place from the sound of it. That sounds like some shindig coming up.

    1. I only let the BOL go because it was family. I made a profit but only a third of its value. The wedding will be a 2 day party event. I promised to cook but serving will be on the women folk. I got 2 gallons of homemade that I plan taking so the bar don't run out.

  2. ready for an update on treatments. are you holding steady?
    still praying.