Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Money sources isnt always obviousin in retirement.

    When I had to quit working and filed for disability I knew it wouldn't be the income I was use to. Not to say I had a high income but I had a weekly income and if my expense's went up I had  the option to work a bit more. At this time my ability to earn income even off book is zero. So while I was healing I did some research on benefits we qualified for besides just SSI.

      As me and the wife never have got Married to each other and have separate addresses . I filed for each of us food stamps .At our  income we each got 102$ a month. Then we got the Phone for free that saves us 40$ each a month. The phone was an upgrade compared to what I had to. ATT has a low cost internet for those that have low income. I applied and my internet cost have dropped from 60 to 10$ a month saving us 50$ more. A lot of people wouldn't have applied for these benefits as not worth the trouble inadvgaly but combined  in our case our income increased 334$ a month. 

       My wife is 65 and had to pick an insurance provider for her Medicare . The man we dealt with was good. At her income level she qualified for our state Medicaid to . When it was all said and done the state picked up her Medicare premium's and zeroed out her co pays. This  gave her 134$ Medicare back a month plus did away with 70 or more in co pays. So with a little due diligence we have increased income by almost 550$ a month or 38% over what we had.


  1. excellent results!
    know several couples who never married because taxes and medical insurance would have increased! ridiculous but true.
    you are so smart about what to look for and how to look for it.
    that saved money is a whole lot of groceries.
    God bless you. still praying for you and so glad to see you writing again.

    1. Deb it is a shame that their is a penalty for marriage. But as I have worked through government websites and qualification charts I have seen a trend that is the topic of my next post coming soon.

  2. 550 a month is a large sum of money.
    Good to hear it!

    1. yes it is a huge amount to us. It increased our overall income 30%.