Thursday, February 12, 2015

A little power goes a long way.

     Ok today is the 14th day that my Son (lab rat )  has been on his own .The results are in on propane and power use for his off grid trailer . Water is from a creek so nothing on that.

   It is winter and the oven has been used for 2 to 3 hour of heat a nite and cooking 3 meals a day.The tank was a 15 lb exchange unit from wal mart and lasted 11 days. If he had used the oven less for heat I could see it lasting 20 to 25 days. Now he is eating good solid home cooked meals not heat and eat can food . It makes a difference propane use .

     Now on power he has a jump pack,LED lantern, MP3 player, radio with rechargeable AAs, cell phone and a DVD player. He has been able to keep them all charged using a single 15 watt harbor freight panel. Today we talked and he has watched 2 hours a nite on the DVD the radio or MP3 is on most of the day. His cell has stayed full .Now the one problem we see is that the jump pack will not charge above the 80% reading with the solar panel . Now we aren't  sure if  its something in the jump pack or the low amperage from the panel . All in all for just one 15 watt setup it has provided a lot of variety .The only other power he has is a solar rope light from harbor freight and 2 solar path lights from dollar tree.
    I went up today mainly to bring my son to the house till Monday the next few nights are going to be in the mid teens and days in the 30s he said he was fine and turned me down. He asked if I would get him Sunday week instead .

      Here is a link to the rope lights they work good I had run them inside my son moved them to the poach said to bright to sleep with:) .


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