Monday, February 9, 2015

Updates on my son and around here.

     A friend of mine stopped by to check on my son Sunday and then informed me he was doing fine. Seems his solar panel has done good with the sunny days ,but he isn't sure how much propane he has used. Was told he has moved his bed to the kitchen end of the camper and hung a blanket up to stay warmer.The nites have been in the low 30s but days have been 55 and sunny. I will go up on Thursday and probable bring him back to the house for 3 days (forcast is for low teens 2 nites ). Also was told he needed a shower and to wash some cloths .

    While the weather has been nice this weekend I did a good BBQ business and was able to get some odds and ends done around the house and with both campers. I cant wait for a little warm weather for a weeks camping some where .

     Did catch a great deal on a riding lawn mower. My wife's sister told us her husband was going to sell his riding mower for 100$.For the last 4 years I have used my tractor and push mowed what it couldn't cut . There is a lot of push mowing and a bush hog isn't ideal for a smooth cut in the front yard . Called my brother in law to make sure he was going to sell it ( wives sometime sell husbands stuff before we decide to) and why so cheap. He said he was selling it, as for what was wrong he said needs a battery and a deck belt was squealing . Ok still a deal . Went and got it Sunday he told me it had been 2 years since he had used it. Looked great charged the battery , cleaned the jelly out of the gas tank ,add a gallon of premium gas, fired right up ,the belt was squealing because the bearings were almost froze 2 squirts of wd 40 broke them free by hand . This morning I cut the yard next door  used it this afternoon just to loosen the bearings .Just before dark I checked the battery with a volt meter 12.7. It looks like new for 100$ a gallon of gas and a little WD 40 , air in the tires should last many summers .