Monday, February 16, 2015

Almost freezing rain and ice .

    The last few days we have had a cold front bring single didgets temps to the area. It has rained all day and been about 35 and tonight it will be 21 and I expect ice will be on the roads in some places. I am hunkered down in the house till this passes by Thursday when a heat wave of 45 will arrive .
     Sunday my son called and asked if he could spend a few days here till the weather got a little better. Sure I had tried to get him to come back when I was there Thursday. He was afraid he would use all his propane .He come in with everything to be recharged and laundry to do. Before I recharged the jump packs I checked them and they were at 12.7 volts which is 90 to 100 % . His other items we have topped up just because he is here . He wants to go back up Thursday but I may make him wait till Sunday so I can take him a second 15 watt panel and set up 2 separate charging stations for him. One will be for the radio and DVD player and the other will do his lights, phone,Mp3 player and have a good surplus for cloudy days. He could have stayed but he didn't plan on using as much propane and he doesn't want to ask me to buy him a tank .


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