Saturday, May 23, 2015

Every one is at the lake .But me

      Friday I watched as campers and boats and flat trailers with totes and grilles headed up the road to the lake. Everyone was headed to camp or stay with friends at the lake it didn't seem to matter who what or how the road was packed . School let out Thursday and with the long weekend everyone wanted to be away.

      In years past traffic was never this heavy but the last 3 years the lakes seem to be the go to getaway for more folks . It seems that the longer trips are not  in the budget but the lake and river is still doable. Even us we plan on going to a friends next week to just getaway and use her yard as a camp site. All  it will cost me is a gallon of moonshine and her and my wife are a hoot when they get plastered .

    My BBQ grill hasn't cooled down since Wednesday night and I see no relief before Monday. So far I have worked my way through 4 cases of butts and 1 of ribs . I have sold butts headed to the lake ,river, Smokey MTs and Florida. I appreciate people thinking enough of my cooking to take it on vacation to me it is a great compliment .I still have 2 days of cooking left to go and I have to go and dress 12 butts and 6 racks of ribs for tomorrow . Next week is my turn at the lake . Then I have 2 weeks scheduled for Big Lagoon mid June .

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