Sunday, May 31, 2015

One less law for a few days.

      Well looks like we get till later this week free from the patriot act. Over the years I don't know what has been the most distasteful every word it contains or The name " THE PATRIOT ACT". If there ever was an action by our government more insulting to the founders of our countries principles I don't know what it was.
    Ok maybe the establishment of the federal reserve but that's a set of encyclopedia's in itself .

    I for one would like to thank Rand Paul for stalling it and letting it expire . Now I don't think it was just because it sucks mule @#$$ I understand it is political grandstanding. If the man wants to uphold the constitution ,abolish the Federal reserve and a few thousand other things to bring us back to a GOD FEARING, CONSTITUTION FOLLOWING nation for political gain I am all for it . If he can  be a pain in the ass to the powers that control our nations capital all the way to the White house and take control back from the unelected hands he has my vote.

     Ok maybe  I am dreaming, if he is a contender and for the people I am sure we will find out he slept with a 3 legged donkey in collage while doing crack. OR he will meet with an untimely death . Who am I kidding the fire died with the last signer of the Declaration Of Independence.


  1. hope springs eternal. we hope for a contender protected from murder by the Holy
    just read someone said the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said there will be war and the ax is laid to the root of the tree.