Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Learning from the pro,s

      I got my new internet yesterday about 4 and spent last night just playing . Today I decided to be a little more serious in what I was looking at  . For 12 years I have been doing my roadside BBQ and for where and what it is I have a decent loyal customer base but there is always room to learn. Now I have no desire to do competition BBQ  its a rich mans game I do want to see some of their tips and tricks on cooking.

    Before a 7 minute YouTube clip took me 45 minutes to view but now I just watch . For some this is old hat to me its WOW. So I sat and watched BBQ cooking ,meat trimming ,seasoning blends and different sauces from some award winning restaurants' and competition teams. Some of what I saw was very useful such as holding quality till serving time. Have you ever noticed rush time food is better than when a restaurant is dead . That's where hold practices come in. Learned a few sauces I will be trying out . I make 1 sauce now but want to add 1 spicy and 1 sweet for folks .

    Now not everything I saw has a place but I liked seeing it and can see why it worked for them . That's one thing I learned at an early age was " more than one way to skin a cat" . I like to cook my butts 8 hours low and slow no smoke and 4 to 6 with smoke  at the end. What I saw says I am backwards ( no surprise there ).I did learn a better trimming method from one video .

   Even if you are good at something if you get a chance to watch some one who is accomplished in that field take the opportunity you may learn a few tricks. Pro,s  learned from others so you can learn from them and most have websites and You Tube channels so you can do it from home.

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