Thursday, June 4, 2015

Trip planning with family.

     For the last week we have been trying to coordinate a trip back to Big Lagoon in Perdido Bay Fl. We are set, reservations are made the Camper is packed. Add food and we can roll ! My sister in law is going to join us she has reservations for 4 days .Our daughter is going to come down and spend 3 days staying with us or her Aunt. For 4 days it will be 3 Man bashing women and me !

     My stepson and his wife are planning on coming down for our last 2 days and want to use the camper for 3 more nights and bring it home when done . I have no problem with that but for some reason they are hee hawing on the reservations and Gulf shores is full and big lagoon has 1 spot left. The days of plenty of camping spots are done . Now you have to plan a little ahead if you want weekend camping.  They are wanting to be at gulf state park because its closer to the night life and his father is going to be camping at GSP.

     Kind of funny my wife's EX bought a camper. Now he wants the kids to camp with them like they have with us. He has always been a condo resort type .Makes you wonder what brought it on .


  1. All I can say is bring your hard hat!

    1. Yep just found out its now going to be 4 to 1 for a few days.