Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The cost of a Camper !

     A lot of people  think a camper is to big an expense .For some it may be but I want to give a rundown on why for most it can be a great long term investment.

      I will use our Fun finder 210 as an example because most people would never consider much less . As a base line cost lets use 6500$. This is about what we have in ours. This includes purchase price, insurance, tag and some chairs and what not.

    Trips to Big Lagoon S.P. 2 stays, 23 days total cost 512$ added gas 180$ total cost 682$. Hotel cost 265$ a night X 23 = 6095$ . Savings on 2 trips =5,413$

   We spent 26 day camped at various state parks and lakes this year. Cost 546$  for site, gas around 200$ so 750$ or so. Flea bag hotels in those areas are 80+ or 2080$ or more. Savings 1330$

    These numbers are for one year and do not include the savings to family that have stayed with us or after us. A ruff guess would be they saved 1500 to 2000$ this year using our camper.

  The wife and I have saved 6,713$ in travel cost plus 2000$ more for our kids. The Larger Fun Finder has been a great investment in its first year . Next year it will cost us less than 500$ in maitence .insurance and tag.

    I do not think a new Camper is worth the additional cost but a 3 to 7 thousand dollar used camper for a famly that will use it 2 weeks and 4 weekends a year over 5 years is a no brainer.

   We did spent 1500 $ camping this year which is a lot but it was less than 150$ a month. My dear wife is the one that saves for travel out of her meager check and she is happy so I am to .

   If we keep Camping with family like we have been for 4 more years the savings will exceed 30,000$ on a 5500$ camper that will still have a value of 4000 to 5,000$.

P.S. While we love the Fun Finder we will be rebuilding our red Tear Drop this fall for quick trips With Out Family !!!!!!!!!


  1. Camping is the best way to vacation. Today you're lucky to find a decent motel for under $100 a night just for the privilege of sleeping in the same bed hundreds of other bug infested people have used. Then on top of that you have to go out and eat 3 times a day adding to the expense.

    1. Mike you right and vacation rooms are the worst. We eat out every other day when camped saving 5 meal cost. But we did eat good when we cooked :) .