Sunday, June 7, 2015

Some friendships start on the wrong foot

      Last summer about this time I had a conflict with a vendor selling produce where I have been selling BBQ. Now I have never had a problem with yard sales or others joining me on the road .The more selection the more traffic for both. But this man was setting up in the exact spot I always have been. For 2 weeks I never said a word to him and his grandkids . Finally he came over and asked why I seemed mad about him selling his extra produce ? Well your welcome to sell but that spot where your table is  flat that's why I always have used it. This spot I have is sloped for water when I had the parking lot paved for the old gas station, in this trailer the tilt is terrible.
   Danny climbed in and said it feels like he was sliding and could see the pots would slide on the stove. The next day we swapped spots and struck up a conversation . He told me he took that spot so I would be more visible he didn't know how sloped the ground was .I have been there so long customers know my spot.
    By the end of the growing season he had a lot of regular customers also . This weekend he joined me selling nice to have a friend back . We trade food and lies back and forth between customers and have become friends. Today I cooked fried squash green tomatoes and had buttered new red potatoes. All picked yesterday morning. Next weekend he will have a bigger variety ripening and should do good .It could have turned out differently (in a bad way) I am glad it didn't .

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