Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We are having fun !

          The trip down went well ! I made 1 mistake I kept my foot in the pedal going 75 pulling the fun finder and my mileage was about 9 miles to the gallon. That's a problem when its been awhile between trips you hurry and forget to enjoy the ride. The ride is as important as the destination going home I will be going slower and taking the old roads .

      Before the interstate system the rural HI ways held a lot of places for travelers to stop and places to see .Now they are almost gone I remember old Burma Shave billboards and See Rock City painted on old barns and Stuckys advertising 2 eggs bacon and toast for 99 cents.
 I will be back on here later this week. Love the Wi-Fi at mc D but this coffee suck . I am taking the wife a sausage bisects back to the camp site and fix some drinkable coffee !!!


  1. i know people who go to mc d's early pretty regularly for coffee.
    their taste buds must be dead.
    it is more like the water you use to wash the coffee pot than actual coffee. yuck!

    1. To me it taste burnt and weak but if it save them a dime a pot what do they care.

  2. My neighbor loves their coffee, but I can understand after seeing some of the meals she prepares! Me if I go out for a coffee break I like Panera's coffee.

    Since you were so thoughtful to bring your wife breakfast did you get lucky ! :-) :-)