Thursday, July 2, 2015

Strange turn on my son,s old trailerstead .

      A few months back my son was told to vacate the acre lot he had got on a tax sale it was going to be reclaimed and sold. So we packed up and he has been in the field next door since april. HE never got any money so last week he called the tax office to  find out when he would get a check.He should have almost 400$ due back.

      Now his call got kicked to the revenue commissioner of the county. Seems the man who "owned it" and sold it didn't own but half, he had borrowed with it as collateral his EX wife owned half. He sold the connecting lot that he didn't own at all to the same couple. Needless to say now he has warrants out for fraud. His Ex wife cant be contacted, the lender doesn't want a half share in the property.

       So my son's claim is still intact and will become his on November 1st. Unless ex-wife clear up his mess (ha ha) to the tune of 5000 $ .  I am happy my son will get this place but I have to wonder what his Nabors will act like as it was her family that was cheated.

    They were not very nice, it was we are buying it you have 5 days to clear out . I tried to tell them he didn't own but half and wasn't the owner of the other lot . Both her and her husband said they knew what they were doing. A QUIT CLAIM DEED  transfers one parties ownership to another person  his was basically none and that's what they payed him for. The fraud was the other lot next door as he had NO rights to.

     Next week we are going to ride up and see what has been done on the property we know they had it cleared and was talking about backfilling it . It would be nice if the place is backfilled and graded.

   P.S. BBQ for the 4th started today sold 12 butts 11 ribs and 24  sandwiches . The next 3 days may kill me working :). 

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