Friday, July 17, 2015

My standy trailer became a squatty.

       It has been 2 years since I wrote about my standy trailer . It had a very short life after it was built. It wobbled badly going down the road in fact it was never camped in . I tried changing how the weight was distributed ,tires, checked the springs. Nothing worked it was a failure. But it looked great and had a good set up for camping .

          I finnaly had to admit it was just to tall for its length. I couldn't bring myself to just let it go. So I made it a squatty like the old grasshopper teardrops of the 70s.

    As you can see all I did was remove one of the side panels and reshaped the ends . I added a storage box to the nose put in a cem toilet  a fridge and sink . Now it pulls like a dream at any speed . I replaced the cushions with memory foam the bed is a full Queen. last summer my brother used it for 2 weeks in Florida and me and the wife spent 4 days down there in it after him. The air will run you out. But you have to use an easy-up awning and cook out side no big deal .

    I love it ,I get 18 mpg with my jeep and the convertible pulling it. Stable as it can be. The one problem is MY WIFE HATES IT she refuses to camp  in it . Since we got the big camper she wont go in this one . The Fun Finder is nice but my truck gets 9 mpg and it is a pain for short trips of less than a week.
     What she wants to travel
  What I want to travel in.

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