Tuesday, July 21, 2015

To hot for work .

    No update on the new build when the heat index is almost 110 this old boy ain't working!!!! I am at the lake that's where everyone should be its 20 degrees cooler plus I have water and beer there . I came home for tonight to do the BBQ and make a large sale that was pre ordered . I will set up for a short while Saturday before I head back to the lake.

    My wife and her sister are having a girls weekend. Then me and the wife will take 2 days us time. I think my wife is trying to make up for refusing to take my dream trip . I wanted to be in Mesa Verde Colorado this weekend . Arches and Canyon land next week. then on to Bryce canyon the north rim and a week in las Vegas  before Death valley, Sequoia and Yosemite .

     I had this trip planed for my slow time of the year but it was a desert trip in the summer which is why my wife refused. She didn't want to take the squatty trailer because of the heat and no bathroom in it .

    I wrote this Saturday to post later when I was at the lake but seems while I was home the wifi at the campground got struck by lightning so now I am home.


  1. Took a lightening hit that trashed the freezer early last week and then one got the cable modem Sunday. Didn't need anything out of the freezer all week and only checked it after finding the modem dead. Totally thawed and it was FULL. Total loss other than the corn meal and flour we had stored in there to keep fresh. Been an expensive weather week here.

    Glad to hear you are taking time off from the build. Tis WAY too hot here in east central Alabama to be outside working other than early morning and late evening.


    1. Dave sorry to hear you lost the freezer and food . Sounds like the same storm a squall line last Tuesday wind lightning but little rain. on the build I have to redo part today the wood swelled and I had the joints on the plywood to tight, it bucked. .