Friday, July 24, 2015

If i cant build i can cook .

     This new food trailer is going to be my last venture in business . Now while its to hot to work on the trailer I have been looking and trying at many different food items to sell out of it . The basics of meat and 2 veggies are a no brainer due to this area having a large 60 plus population. But that is a lunch only crowd and has to be 6.99 price point. I need to decide on a tween menu for the 16 to 23 group and a menu for to go dinners for folks to take home after work for a family.

     All I have come up with for the tweens is a fried assortment of
Chicken fingers 3, cheese sticks 4, mushrooms 8, loaded hushpuppies and fries.
 Chicken Casa Dias large . Skillet personal pizza
   The reason I need kiddy food is where I will be sitting is 1/2 a mile from a high and middle school . Lots of kids and moms will pass daily.
    For the take home dinners I have to come up with dinners for 4 or 5 that is under 20$ and a cost point of 7 to 8.

      For the last 4 years I have made it on BBQ only the new stand has to have more.  I will keep searching  the build is the easy part now I have to develop a menu to draw them in . Thinking about doing hot legs (same as hot wings but with legs)

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