Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kids and Guns.

    I found this article today about a Mom whose son attended  a  NRA  Eddie Eagle class.

  Now I applaud this program and think all kids should have some knowledge of what to do and Not do if they find a gun.

    The school failed to send an opt out letter to this mother and she has a right to be upset on that point. At the same time she is in the wrong because her child had no exposure before this class and would not know what to do if he found a weapon.

    Now I will climb on a soap box !!!! When the boy says toy guns are ok . I call Bullshit!!!!! Toy guns get kids killed  they get adults killed, at 50 ft a Leo cant tell them from real. A child will pick up a real gun because it looks like his old toy one. Parents think its cute to see kids play cowboys and Indians . I think its a dangerous  attitude towards firearms. My kids had Nerf Blaster's laser pistols and other toy guns but none resembled a modern firearm.

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