Thursday, August 10, 2017

Time to travel !

     I haven't post much lately because I  had a biopsy last month. I admit I have been worried . While the CT didn't show any cancer a PET scan showed abnormal cells in my throat and lymph nodes. Today I found out I have NONE in my throat!!!! As for the lymph nodes I am going to have them removed the 5th of September. If they are cancerous they will be out and a none issue. To remove them is no more surgery than to biopsy them.  But I have a 3 week window to go to the beach !!!!!!!

     This year has been all about doctors and hospitals. I need some beach time . So about an hour ago I reserved 6 days at big lagoon for the week of the 20th . While it isn't some place new it is NOT HERE. Sometimes its just about getting away.

     While we are there we plan on going over to Fort Pickens and getting a senior park  pass  so we can get half off federal camp grounds because we plan on traveling next year. This may be the last trip in our Fun finder as we are Looking at another larger camper.


  1. Enjoy your trip! Great news on your medical report. If you are interested in selling your latest camper purchase, let me know. I might be a prospect.

    1. We did enjoy it! On the trailer I will offer you first option if I decide to sell.