Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Fun trip camping

        We got back late Saturday evening from our trip to the coast. This was my first trip since getting cancer treatments and it was the first real trip with the dodge truck. I learned a lot about myself and my new truck . 
      First off I am not the man I was a year ago and I had better learn to live with my limits. The scar on my stomach hurts if I lift or over stretch . I have lost a lot of muscle along with weight , just for the record I have stabilized at 164 lbs. My normal adult weight had been 250 lbs. I require more sleep and now like naps they help as I get tired quicker. Simple things like extending the awning and letting down the stabilizer legs took effort. While I did have fun and enjoyed the ocean and seafood (shrimp tasted normal)I wasn't able to ride my bike or to go for long walks .

   On the truck I was nervous as I hadn't driven it but a few hundred mile since the new motor and front end was rebuilt. I haven't posted what all ended up being done to the dodge. While it was having the motor swapped out my mechanic noticed I needed a drivers side spindle bearing assembly tie rods both inner and outer both sides upper and lower ball joints. The only good news was the transmission was good just need a fluid change and the shift cable adjusted (that was causing it to downshift). Total bill for it all was 1580$. After this trip it was money well spent it drove great!!!!! As long as I was under 60 mph. no problem. Over 60 it would start fishtailing , but that will be fixed with a load leveling hitch and sway bar. I knew it could be a problem because the truck is a short wheel base. Me and the wife will be looking for a slightly bigger camper over the next few months but we are in no hurry.

    While we were camped we noticed they had no camp host normally they have 3. Now before we left 2 camp host did pull in. Before they did I went into the office and asked for any information on becoming camp host . The park Rangers gave me a paper that had all the requirement and web site to apply state wide. They told me this year had been hard to get hosts system wide. The wife and I are considering doing the camp/work thing next year. We have a family friend that has been doing it for a year now .


  1. Thanks for the update. I wonder every week how you're making it.

    Work-camper, we considered that ourselves,,,,,,,,,


    1. Hi Moe I apologize for not posting more often. I think I will be back on track now.

  2. takes time to get back to what will be your new normal, but you will grow stronger.
    weight lifting and biking can be good.
    naps become necessary especially in the afternoon.
    you might adopt the mexican custom of siesta after lunch.
    i adopted it but not on purpose.

    glad you are doing well.
    God bless you some more!

    1. Deb it is going to be a long road but I will find a new normal I am sure.

  3. Sounds like you're getting back into your groove again. Take it easy for a while, keep the weight off and enjoy yourselves. :-)

    1. slow recovery mike. I would like to get my weight back to 185