Saturday, April 14, 2018

healthcare VS old age

       Here’s how it works: doctors like to save people, but when you’re talking about someone who’s eighty years old, what the hell is there left to save? What fun is it to cut them open? They’ll do it if you really want, yet they’re sure to let you know of the complications. The dastardly buggers pull out tongue twisters like “comorbidities.” It’s a word that takes you a while to figure out, but once you do, it makes perfect sense. It’s the horse race between the things that are eventually going to do you in: Coming up to the stretch, in the lead is Metastasized Breast Cancer! Second is Advanced Hypertension, behind him, Carotid Blockage is a distant third with Kidney Failure bringing up the rear. Oh! But coming on strong is Ischemic Stroke! Now Stroke is neck and neck with Breast Cancer! Stroke, Cancer! Cancer, Stroke! Ladies and Gentlemen, what a race!  

      And this is how we all get to end  .

I'm still improving  but I read this in a book and thought it sounded about right to me. Its a race between age and illness . Me personally I thought id be shot by a woman's boyfriend or by my girlfriend . Done got to old to chase women so I got to race father time and modern medicine !!!

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